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NiCD AA 1200mAh 1.2V

Exit Sign Emergency Light Lithonia ELB0300 ELB-0300 ELB1P201N1 OSI OSA045 OSA-045 NIC0027 Bel-128

18650 9000mAh 11.1v

The High power 18650 battery is a compact and powerful energy storage solution widely recognized for its exceptional performance. With a high energy density, this battery can efficiently store a large amount of energy within its small and portable structure.

2.4V 2000mAh AA NiMH battery pack for Smart bluetooth speaker

The smart bluetooth speaker battery pack is built to deliver consistent performance, ensuring a stable power supply for uninterrupted music playback. With a voltage of 2.4V, it is tailored to meet the energy requirements of Bluetooth speakers, optimizing their performance and reliability.

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